Thursday, August 21, 2014

HENSEL FOR MAYOR updated 2018 election

From my 2014 mayoral campaign....

I’ve been a resident of Little Falls for over 20 years. As a member of this community I’ve been a successful small business owner, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a mother, a grandmother, a foster parent, a peace activist, a staunch supporter of free speech and the American Constitution

Our community leadership’s longstanding culture of forfeiting what is in the best interest of our city in order to advance the personal and professional interests of a small opportunity-hoarding clique will come to an end with my election to public office. I have entered as the Mayoral candidate to represent the best interest of the whole community, great and small, not a subset of exclusive elites who view themselves as entitled to a taxpayer subsidized vacation.

Under my leadership the city of Little Falls will draft not only an ethics policy but a comprehensive conflict of interest policy. While we cannot right the wrongs of the past we can mandate effective change for the future.

Our governing laws and city policies will no longer exist for the situational, selective and periodic use by elected officials or law enforcement, but rather apply equally to all people all of the time.

My term as Mayor will be fulfilled on the value that government transparency is the cornerstone of an educated electorate which advances and strengthens democracy.

In recent years there have been lists of lawsuits and complaints over issues of civil rights from school districts to government units. Upon election to office, the city of Little Falls will work to form a Human Rights Commission. Its objective will be public education to mitigate and defuse disputes among parties before they rise to the level of costly litigation.

There is little dispute that, as a country, we are living through troubled times. While we can’t begin to solve the enormous problems of the world, I believe that by being diligent and engaged community members and demanding standards of ethic and accountability for elected officials that we can begin to transform and make sense of our own small piece of that universe.

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  1. Robin Hensel running for the Little Falls, MN mayor endorsed the Unified Platform at and earned the New Progressive Alliance initial conditional endorsement. She clearly understands the need for peace and supporting the constitution and is willing to act.