Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jim Hilmerson latest antics. See my response to his to his racist Facebook shares 1-17-18

And by the way thing you can be assured of, is if and when your lawsuit comes to my door, it will be all over social media and everywhere else I can very publicly share it.  Promise.  Even at city hall during public forum comment time.   And don't forget I have 3 public access television shows I can talk for hours and hours on to highlight your bigotry.

 This is one of my efforts to counter local bigotry ..... I have been on the frontlines of racial injustice all my life, but intensified efforts in 2011 until present. And I am NOT stopping.
 Below are hate signs that were recently found in St. Cloud. This vile white supremecy MUST be called out, whereever it raises it's ugly head.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Robin Hensel: Jim Hilmerson's hateful Facebook posts. IMPORTANT ...

Robin Hensel: Jim Hilmerson's hateful Facebook posts. IMPORTANT ...: AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, he lies about Wendy Foulke.....tries in an email this morning 1-15-18 to suggest Wendy tagged him .....NOT TRUE ...

Listen above, to this audio of the LFPD officer and Jim Hilmerson.

social media actions DO have consequences....

The above video is of Jim Hilmerson pulling up behind my van parked on the street directly in front of my house, ripping the signs off the back of my van, and then stealing them.  This is theft, vandalism and trespass, according to Little Falls Statute.

Willmar needs more love and understanding, not hate and division. Social media actions have consequences. Jim Hilmerson part of Little Falls, Mn "INTOLERANCE CAPITOL OF MINNESOTA"

Jim Hilmerson's hateful Facebook posts. IMPORTANT UPDATES social media actions have CONSEQUENCES

This bigoted speech is catching on....all over Central Minnesota.  Little Falls "Kindness Campaign" has failed miserably.   Way too many Trump-like thinker/voters in this "Shithole" ....pun intended.

Morrison County/Little Falls is the "Intolerance Capitol of Minnesota"

For all the world to see. Notice, in NONE of his email correspondences to me, does he apologize for his racism.

Jim Hilmerson, you might want to read this....

The above video is of Jim Hilmerson stealing the signs off my van parked in front of my house. According to Little Falls Statute he committed theft, vandalism and trespass.  Didn't he? 

The above video is Jim Hilmerson admitting to the LFPD, stealing the signs off the back of my van.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, he lies about Wendy Foulke.....tries in an email this morning 1-15-18 to suggest Wendy tagged him .....NOT TRUE JIM.  Anyone can see as plain as DAY that YOU shared these hateful posts and on which date.(look at top of Jim's shares and notice the dates he shared them. That's YOU in the picture with your grandson. Come on, man up....own your stupidity and prejudice.

Hey Jim....I have news for you....this ISN'T  kindness. 

Who would have thought you would be so stupid as to post such bigotry. 

I thought you valued your busine$$. 

I thought you learned your lesson.

Guess not.

I have been on the frontlines for years, calling many actions to counter bigoted speech, including protests when Usama Dakdok, Ron Branstner, and former disgraced FBI John Guandalo reared their heads here. So nobody needs to wonder why I let the world know what vile Facebook posts, Jim Hilerson Jr. shared....

Look at all his community connections.....especially to law enforcement in Morrison County....most importantly to the Sheriff of the county.

LFPD connections too.
Even has connections to a front desk staff for Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf.  That's pretty telling, isn't it?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

UPDATED CANCELLED AGAIN Cable Review Board JAN.22,2018

This second cancelled meeting means the Cable Review Board has NOT MET for a half a year now. If you remember, the last time this Board met was in July of 2017. That’s the meeting where Jay Spillum(former president who resigned recently) stated he had no idea the board was obligated to review the GRA TV policies and procedures AND hear tv users complaints if there was a dispute. He stated if the board had to hear complaints and show up more than 4 times per year, there wouldn’t be a Board much longer. Shortly after that meeting, Norm Sandburg resigned and soon to follow, so did Jay. The city charter states they are to meet every 3 month... 4 times per year. It is an ordinance, as it involves public money.  More than 120k per year. Mayor Greg Zylka must be having diffulty finding replacents for those 2 empty seats. Remember, Little Falls still does not have the REQUIRED BY LAW franchise agreement with Charter/Spectrum in order to allow them to operate in the city and use the public Right of Way. They are in violation of Mn Statute 238 AND the Federal Communications Act of 1934 and 1984. They have been in violation since the last contract expired May 2015. Charter is illegally collected franchise fees and peg fees from all Little Falls consumers. Without the required by law Franchise agreement,  how do they DARE collect those fees every month, totaling more than 10K?

This is a repeat of the Golf Advisory Board that was required to meet once per month(which they NEVER did)  in all the decades of years it was in force. Sometimes they only met once every 2-4 YEARS ! When I pointed out to the public they were not meeting their requirements, instead of meeting regularly, the City DELETED the committee. It was an ordinance. Huge taxpayer funds are involved, this is why they are required to provide an oversight committee.

Just as the Sister City was, until that group was defunded and the City deleted it, because there was NO tangible PUBLIC INTEREST. (The City was giving $3,000.00 per year to host a FOREIGNERS travel perks package.

Shame on Mayor Greg Zylka, City Administrator Jon Radermacher, Councilor Leif Hanson, Cable board members Thor Lundquist, Al Stencil, former president Jay Spillum, and former member Norm Sandburg for failing to uphold their duties.

Theresa Skorseth and I requested a meeting with the Cable Review Board on March 4, 2017,per GRA TV  policies and procedures that were in place at the time. Mark Slupe has illegally aired 3 commercials for profit making companies, even though it is prohibited in those rules. Mark has also treated Theresa and my shows quite different than other shows. So instead of GRAA abiding by their own policies, they CHANGED their policies, so that now the Cable Review board of the city, no longer is REQUIRED to hear complaints. We have NEVER been able to air our grievances with the whole Board.

On Wednesday Jan. 10, 2018, Mark Slupe admitted adding extra video, photos, music and graphics to the Ripley Reporter show, after telling Theresa and I, two years ago, he would no longer even zoom the camera in for any of OUR shows. He seems to completely lack understanding of the meaning of Free Speech, or fairness. He said the Ripley Reporter is not a show on free speech but ours IS. NOTHING could be further from the truth. He also stated that religious speech is NOT free speech. He is setting up a future lawsuit, with Great River Arts Association and City of Little Falls help. City has a contract WITH GRAA to operate channel 180 public access tv. So if GRA TV is sued, so will the City, Mark Slupe and GRAA be.....maybe even former and present Board members.

As you all should know by now, I won’ t stand for injustice against anyone.

I have given them enough warning. They can expect a legal challenge. It’s only a matter of time.

This city has a corrupt history of operating below the Board. In other words ..... ILLEGALLY. in almost all areas of governance. Pathetic, criminal operation.

Whistleblowers you can follow on Twitter....including Coleen Rowley, Jesselyn Radack, Ray McGovern, John Kiriakou, Thomas Drake, and more. Camp Ripley look.

National Guardsman neo nazi sentenced to prison for 5 years on explosives charges. Camp Ripley pay attention.

These types are trained in the military and are committing crimes against humanity on a fairly regular basis now.  Dangerous and frightening.  Home grown terrorism of this type is all too common.  And they are almost exlusively ULTRA FAR RIGHT WING OR TEAPARTY patriot TYPES.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Little Falls, Mn is currently in BLATANT violation of Minnesota Statute.

I will be sharing much more about this in the near future.  Once again, I have stumbled onto something very troubling.  Why can't these clowns just operate legitimately.  Why can't our city attorneys do their research correctly.  Antoinette Wetzel and Peter Vogel should be ashamed of themselves.  Toni is the current atty for the city and Peter Vogel was atty for city of Little Falls before her.  Takes a watchdog to catch them in their illegal actions. Pretty pathetic.  Nobody needs to wonder who is staining this city.   Look to city hall for that claim to fame.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Corexit 9500, this is still in the water of the Gulf of Mexico.

Minnesota cities chafe at efforts to undercut local lawmaking.

NO MORE INVOCATIONS on council agenda at Little Falls Mn. First Amendment prevails again. Federal Court Says Florida County Board Cannot Discriminate FFRF

Little Falls Mn  1-2-18 part one, city council wk sess youtube video above....HOT HEAD HANFLER GOES BALISTIC because he can't STAND the content of speech on my signs...see more explanation below.


 invocation on council agenda. The First Amendment prevails AGAIN.
And here is why Hot HEAD Hanfler got so bothered by my perfectly permitted signs under their new unConstitutional Rules of Conduct....

I was the only person in the front row, Tyler Jenson from MCRecord was in his desk area to the left of me(his desk was in the front row, his chair in 2nd row) and the reporter from KTLF radio was in the back row with his videocamera and tripod next to his seat.

There was nobody else present, so who did Hanfler think would trip on my tripod. And their rules are clear on videocamera placement. I was not in violation of any of their unConstititional repressive, tyrannical, illegal rules.

And here is the complete MODEL STATEMENT OF VALUES that this city staff/mayor/council need to live up to and adopt. 

This is one LMC model legislations that's worth it's salt.

Of course the city will NEVER ADOPT THIS.....because they want to continue behaving with incivility and bias.  That's how they roll.

Remember that, next time you vote.

My life as a New York Times reporter in the shadow of the war on terror. James Risen POWERFUL AND A MUST READ.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Facebook says it is deleting accounts at the direction of the US and Israeli governments. Glen Greenwald A MUST READ

Make news fake news.....powerful speakers including former CIA analyst/whistleblower Ray McGovern

Coleen Rowley recommended....Help Save Bar Google Trump Democrats and Their Spies A MUST READ

If citizens comment after city council meeting and no one televises them, do they make a sound? Bluestream Prairie Sally Jo Sorenson (Little Falls, Mn council kissin counsins)


Who is Alka Pradhan v. Gitmo....recommended by former FBI Coleen Rowley

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Coleen Rowley "Americans have NO IDEA what these wars are COSTING" Camp Ripley soldiers listen up. RESIST DON'T ENLIST

A MUST LISTEN.....understanding comes from paying attention to whistleblowers. 

Thank goodness for whistleblowers and truthtellers like Coleen Rowley, former FBI of 24 years, and Times Magazine "Person of the Year" 2002.

And thanks to Cat Watters for her persistence as well.    Kudos to both of these outstanding ladies.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Recall may be unconstitutional so why is it in Little Falls Charter? Toni Wetzel does not understand the Constitution or obey it.

Another big stain on the city of Little Falls for allowing recalls in our city charter, when the League of Minnesota Cities handbook says they may be unconstitutional? Shame on Peter Vogel too.....the city atty prior to Toni Wetzel. Both have NO BUSINESS contracting to represent Little Falls. Taxpayers are paying a high price for their stupid mistakes. And it's only beginning.  How many more times will the city staff/mayor/council blunder?

Camp Ripley recap...recruit em, train em to kill, send em into conflict, then bring them home in a casket. Ron Kresha "opportunity thieving SUPERSTAR"'

 Latvia is right next door to Russia. Imagine if Russian troops were training in Canada■■■●●●●••••

 They even honed the fine art of informing loved ones that their soldier died.

 Last stop for all local soldiers. What a vicious cycle.
 Ron Kresha, looking for more votes during his next campaign so he can keep his "big govmint" healthcare and fat cat taxpayer funded salary. The guy who hates big govmint, except when it'$ lining his pockets or providing HIS family with essential a very discounted price or free. And let'$ not forget his local business "Golden Shovel" that not only digs for govmint gold for HIS benefit, but teaches other entities to "pan" for big govmint handouts(grants that are taxpayer subsidized).
 Truth is....WAR IS A RACKET.


WAR MAKES first degree murder, LEGAL.

I wanna puke.