Monday, November 12, 2018

Little Falls Mn, large scale street and sidewalk events ordinance 6.28 unconstitutional???

I dare you to research this ordinance to find the parts not likely to pass strict scrutiny. Forwarded today to all city councilors, administrator and public works director. Time they shape up. Don't ya think???

Little Falls, Mn, Show License ordinance 6.21

Now without any help....see if you can find the part that makes this ordinance UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

SHAME ON OUR MAYOR, COUNCIL, CITY ADMINISTRATOR and attorney(Flaherty and Hood) for not knowing, or beligerently not deleting this. I forwarded this today to all of them.

Likely, it will take another legal groups warning letter to help them see their error, and whip them into shape.

What ding dongs run this city.

And voters keep allwowing it. Even more ding dong like.


Feel free to leave a comment if you think you found the unconstitutional language. Leave your name....I do not post anonymous comments for cowards.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Little Falls, Mn Advertising Bench ordinance LIKELY unconstitutional. Jeff Waldvogel, Jon Radermacher, Toni Wetzel, Greg Zylka,

 November 10, 2018

This too, is shameful. Truth is, there has never been a city attorney or council/mayor, here,  worth their salt. They are all paid with your taxpayer $$$, and not one of them stopped a myriad  of unconstitutional ordinances from passing. THEY are the cause of LAWSUITS......NOT ME. Judge Toni(Antoinette)Wetzel, was acting city attorney in 2012 when this was rewritten because of my lawsuit. City was told their sign and bench ordinance were unconstitutional. Imagine an attorney/judge this stupid. Council wrongfully voted against my constitutional right to have a bench on city hall property in one of 2 places.....(ruling by Judge Kyle). Why? Bias...viewpoint discretion, which is illegal. It's the same old story...the council doesn't like the content of my speech so they react like 3rd graders. They ALL need to be sent back to gradeschool.

  I am the only one not being paid. I am the only one not mocking our Constitution. 

The council chamber should be full to capacity by now, at every single work session and  council meeting.

Your next chance is Monday November 19th at 6:30.

Show up.
I'm not letting up. Promise.


Election influencing ??? Letter to state elections department. City of Little Falls, Wendy Zylka, Greg Zylka, Susy Prosapio, Jon Radermacher, Lori Kasella

 My letter of concern was also copied to the Morrison County Records reporter Tyler Jensen, Terry Lehrke editor, Matt McKinney Star Tribune, Matt Erickson editor of Brainerd Dispatch, Greg Zylka, Wendy Zylka, Lori Kasella(Finance director Little Falls), Jon Radermacher city administrator, Greg Kimman(public works director/city engineer, Alderman Brad Hircock, and all councilors. Lori Kasella is the former co-city administrator and knows better.

The Morrison County Record is the official contracted city/county newspaper, and has a duty to report on this. McRecord is given around 20 THOUSAND $$$ OF CITY TAXPAYER FUNDED BUSINESS WELFARE,   and around 20K of taxpayer welfare funds by the county. So they are linked by $$$.

As they say.....follow the money.


Margurite M. Cofell embezzlement of St. Francis credit union case update

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Greg Zylka, Raquel Lundberg, Brad Hircock, Loren Boyum, Cathy VanRisseghems 2016 campaign donations

 Interesting...Susy Prosapio looks to be Raquel Lundbergs  campaign manager as well as Greg Zylkas 《《《《《《《《

Katie Harms is Dr. Harms wife, I believe. Susy Prosapio is Dr. Phil Prosapio's wife(Little Falls Ortho/ wonder the hospital gets whatever it wants, including breaking a verbal agreement with me, saying as long as I owned my home, they'd never put anything next to me except a greenspace, in 2006 when the built a 2 million dollar expansion. Looks to me like certain elected officials are being bought.

Little Falls Mn canvas of elections mtg 11-8-18 Hot Head Hanfler OUT

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Gerald Knafla says Zion Lutheran did NOT OWN the popcan receptacle BUT RECEIVED THE $$ FROM IT. 11-5-18

Wow.....could it be more clear that Gerald Knaflas church, Zion Lutheran, was benefitting from the ILLEGALLY placed/ALLOWED BY CITY for YEARS , popcan receptacle in the  Right of Way.

If this isn't a conflict of interest for Gerald Knafla, I don't know what is.

Little Falls Mn DUSTY PARKER, sidewalk coloring ordinance 7.14 and REWRITE 11-5-18

See the rewritten ordinance and changes below....notice the decision making power is given to the public works director/city engineer, who is Greg Kimman. 

Remember that name. The Big Dig(listed on the Convention Visitors Bureau) is coming in 2019. Exceptions CANNOT BE LEGALLY GIVEN to the sign ordinance or the sidewalk ordinance or the Constitution may be violated AGAIN. It's always "exceptions" that get this city in legal hot water and sometimes sued.

By giving Greg that power, the council doesn't even need to approve uses of the sidewalk, for ADVERTISING PURPOSES.  And I think the SIGN ORDINANCE 5.30  limits the use of letters and words, size, etc.....even in the business districts.....doesn't it?

Below listen to my conversation with Jon Radermacher city administrator on June 29, 2018 right after the unconstitutional Chalk the Walk event.

The city is once again dangerously near quicksand. 

LISTEN below, to City Administrator Jon Radermacher's explanation as to what initiated the sidewalk ordinance changes. Advice from citys attorneys AND a conversation with ME, after the UNCONSTITUTIONAL  Chalk the Walk event June 27, 2018.

Little Falls mayor/council guilty of nonfeasance? 11-5-18

Listen to what the League of Minnesota cities handbook says about malfesance/nonfeasance and removal from office. This was my public forum comment night before the election.  11-5-18

What more important public matter could there be, than an entire council REPEATEDLY violating their Constitutional oaths and abusing their power by violating the highest law of our land?

How much more egregious can they get before they are ousted?

Go vote the bums out.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Little Falls Mn CVB Kris VonBerge is coordinating THE BIG DIG, on YOUR NICKEL.

 Remember, it was Kris VonBerge and Jill Moore(Great River Arts) who sponsored and coordinated the unconstitutional Chalk the Walk June 27, 2018. How much more will Kris, stain this city with her careless attitude about honoring the highest law of our land?

 And if you look at the highlighted  red area below, the city is revising the sidewalk chalking ordinance "to allow city staff for advertising purposes may be done by city employees acting within the course and scope of their employment; provided, however, that this provision shall not apply to uniformly coloring concrete or other surfacing as such coloring shall be approved by the PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR/CITY ENGINEER."

The public works director is of course Greg Kimman.  Remember that name.

It won't be the last time you hear it. He'll be right in the middle of the next Constitutional crisis the city gets itself into.

It is no coincidence this ordinance change immediately follows the Mn ACLU warning letter to the city.  The city is making it easier for Kris VonBerge and the business owners to incorporate extra signage and advertising to promote their downtown businesses, during the highway 27 road repair. Now Kris or anyone else can coordinate a sidewalk chalking event WITHOUT asking the city for permission(as they had to for this years Chalk the Walk event).  The ordinance used to prohibit sidewalk coloring with chalk.

TAKE NOTE.... the sidewalk ordinance was also likely UNCONSTITUTIONAL as it was previously written. There have been Minnesota cases setting precedence in this area in previous years.

As long as laws are uniformly enforced and the Constitution is not violated, I do not object to events the city is involved with or sponsors. But that just simply has not been the case for the last 6 years.

I hope voters realize that without me watchdogging them, their lawlessness would continue. It should be sinking in by now. Don't you think???¿¿¿¿

In the video below, listen closely after they pass the Barret Petfoods resolution, as they discuss THE BIG DIG, and Cone Zone events to be held next year, to lure people to downtown. They even plan to give building owners taxpayer $$$ to renovate their BACK entrances if the front, roof, and interior isn't enough!!!  So what this means  is, taxpayers are going to be subsidizing real estate agents and wealthy building owners who don't want to foot most of the bill themselves to renovate their buildings, so they can turn around and get exorbitant rents on YOUR NICKEL.  I can't afford that, can YOU? This group and the Historic Presevation Committes are out to RIP YOU OFF.  It's a giant good ol white boys(and their wives/families) conspiracy to PIRATE MONEY FROM YOUR POCKETBOOK.  And it'$ working just grand. They are laughing all the way to the bank, and the public is dumb enough to let them. This is shameful. If the building owners can't afford to repair the buildings, let somebody else buy them who can. 

Nobody need wonder why their taxes are SKY HIGH. 

THIS IS PURE "pork barrel" and the little piggies are squealing as they rob you blind. 

The only question now is, come next year how many TENS OF THOUSANDS will they drop on Susy Prosapio, Marv Hoheisel, Tim Witucki, Tom Scherling, and all the rest of the downtown bloodsuckers?