Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jeremy Hanfler ...Happy Birthday Council President AND (former criminal) REMEMBER HE'S UP FOR ELECTION THIS YEAR. Do you really want a council president like that?

CONVICTED OF FIRING A GUN ACROSS A ROADWAY?????   AND THIS GUY IS OUR CURRENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT?   IS THIS THE BEST LITTLE FALLS CAN COME UP WITH???? If this doesn't convince you that he has no moral compass, lacks common sense, possesses a healthy respect for the law, then I don't know what will.

 There is one reason and one reason only that he got elected the first time....he had no competitor.  Not one single person ran against him. And I bet nobody will in 2018 either. So he may be gifted the council position again.  Please West Siders(Ward 3 voters), don't let that happen. 

But it is entirely the new council's responsibility to vote  him in as  the president.  That's the kind of council that rules Little Falls presently.  Even the new councilors, including Leif Hanson, Raquel Lundberg, Brad Hircock, Wayne Liljegren and Jerry Knafla cast their vote for him for president. Don't you wonder why? 

Remember Council President Jeremy Hanfler(HOT HEAD HANFLER) is up for election this year.  Do you really want somebody with a criminal past, representing you?  I don't. But he is not in my ward. He is in Ward 3 on the West Side of town.  So if you live on the West Side or in Ward 3, VOTE THE BUM OUT.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Kevin Riach....not one but 2 times awarded the Mn Attorney of the year, 2011 and 2017. Maybe now Little Falls, Mn will think twice before they prosecute an innocent. Maybe.

Let's all hope the city of Little Falls, Mn/it's elected leaders, city attorney, and city administrator, have all learned a valuable lesson. Time will tell. 

 Let's hope that Amber Kusler(prosecutor for Brian Middendorf), and Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf,  (as well as Judge Douglas Anderson) have learned a valuable lesson.  It is they, who are problem lawbreakers....not me. All of them are sworn to uphold the Constitution. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Councilor Frank Gosiak, animal neglect, and screams at young lady.

Jeremy Hanfler, Little Falls Mn(PAST CRIMINAL) council president. Convicted of FIRING A GUN ACROSS A ROADWAY !!!!!!

Here are just a few of Jeremy Hanflers police reports...there are more. HERE ARE SOME MORE.....convicted of firing a gun across a ROADWAY !!!!  A PAST CRIMINAL IS THE BEST THE CITY OF Little Falls can come up with for a COUNCIL PRESIDENT???? REALLY???


And these pages are from my lawsuit depositions of Jeremy Hanfler. This hot head, ill informed person has no business being president of the Little Falls, Mn council. He admits he knows absolutely NOTHING about council rules.....he still doesn't.

And here's more proof, if you're not convinced yet.

Church defends pastors football announcer who said anthem protesters should be executed. Fred/Kathy Festler, Franciscan Sister Dorothy Ann, Greg Smith

Meet the Main Gate Bartenders and other employees for CRUELLA(Wanda Kretzmanowner of puppy MEGA mill)

There are more, but these are of particular interest and on my radar for various reasons.

Been meaning to post this awhile back, and forgot.  Thought it should be posted now.

Jonah James Wojahn
Jonah, I see you are Facebook friends with Hilmersons....and the sheriff (Shawn Larson) I find that really interesting. 

Katie Rosenthal

See the name KACIE ROSENTHAL on the van?  I am told this is your teenage daughter Katie. Is it?

Mike Strack
Quite the clown.

Think of all the "Crickets"(Gary McDuffees beloved pet ....see picture below) who will have to  spend the rest of their lives in a cage the size of a clothes dryer, behind the walls of this torture chamber. (Clearwater Kennel puppy mill below) 
 McDuffee$ should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I wonder if he'$ ever bothered that his boss, Wanda Kretzman runs the largest puppy mill penetentiary for dogs in Minnesota, and is listed in the top HORRIBLE 100 list of the United States Humane Societys worst puppy mills in the nation. I wonder if he cares that she is cruel to her doggie prisoners?  That's exactly what the USDA meant by charging her with willful violation of the Animal Welfare Act.  It is CRUEL to force any animal to live a lifetime in a cage the size of a clothes dryer.  Just freaking insane.
What kind of guy IS Mike Strack....really?  Deep down inside, what kind?
Are all these emlpoyees so desperate they can't find a job with an employer who doesn't violate the law?
Photo above is Scott Steffen, security at Main Gate and is sick of my viewpoints, so signed the Strack Attack 2 van across street from me.

3 Unsolved Little Falls deaths. Look at friends in police reports.. Strange tragic coincidence 3 share a Minnesota town, a Pittsburgh employer and a death few can explain.