Sunday, June 16, 2019

Recipe Concocted for Perpetual War is a Bitter One, by Coleen Rowley and Robert Wing

War is what ameriKa feeds off of....and war is the "teet' that Camp Ripley soldiers suck on every day.  The military(including National Guard, Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, and all other branches) is the biggest welfare handouts program EVER.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Sen.Paul Gazelka....this is what you deserve. Ron Kresha shame on you, for defending this torture.

You should both hang your heads in shame for manipulating the gullible rightwing radicalized members of the audience.

Fortunately, there were some present who knew better. Kudos to Steven Browning for telling it straightup and confronting you headon.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Chalk the Walk, 2018/2019 guidelines violate the First Amendment. Little Falls, Mn

What on earth were the city council/city staff/city attorney thinking? Or were they? 5th graders could perform better. Remedial classes are in order.

Remember what the official city/county newspaper had to say about lawsuits......

The city will never win.  The law was on my side.  It still is.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

St. Gabriels Hospital expansion update video 6-8-19

Video made 6-8-19

EARL LEMIEUR'S "BEER BELLYS BAR" bldg, 6-8-19 electronic illegal sign REMOVED

Picture and video 6-8-19.

Finally removed.

Flensburg,Mn COUNCIL UPDATES 6-8-19 LuAnn Morrow becomes acting city clerk??

I want to know how and when LuAnn Morrow(Margurite Cofell's sidekick) was made the acting city clerk. It was not decided at the April 15, 2019 meeting that I videorecorded(all are above). And there was no meeting between April 15th and May 13th. Or was there? And the public was not aware? All of a sudden at the beginning of the May 13th meeting, she magically has this title of "acting city clerk." How's that possible? Did they violate the open meeting law?  Doesn't council hire city personel? Did Mayor John Gessell, Jr just appoint her without a council vote?

Now here below, is what was in the public announcement box today 6-8-19 outside the Flensburg community center where the council meetings are held.

Mr. Crabby Pants Ken Merten was mowing the grass when I arrived today 6-8-19. He quickly came over by the front of the community building where I was taking photos of the public announcements. If looks could kill, I'd be dead. I greeted him but he burst into the building, then came out, slammed the door and hopped back on the mower, all in a huff. What friendly folks reside in Flensburg. Especially this angry joker!  

I wonder what he gets paid for that mowing job? I wonder who hired him? Council? And I wonder if he was a councilor when he was hired as lawn maintenance person. I wonder if that job was put out for bids as required by law. I wonder if the city has a drug testing policy for city job applicants? If not, why not. 

I wonder if they have a Responsible Authority? If not, why not? 

Sidenote....acting city clerk LuAnnMorrow could use some remedial writing classes. Suppose the city council will authorize that, or continue to publicize 5th grade minutes?

Notice city attorney Peter Vogel advises they appoint a data privacy representative.  Council decides to appoint LuAnn Morrow to that position.
Notice in TINY PRINT it states the next meeting will be held on June 17th. No time or year listed and it's at the very bottom of another document, not listed by itself in large print as it was for the May 13th mtg which is still in the public announcement box. (Pictured at left)

Check out the missing notes from the April 15, 2019 meeting that were publicly posted after that meeting, that mention everything I said, but are NOT in the official minutes posted today 6-8-19. Why not?

Here is what was in the box after the April 15, 2019 meeting I attended.

Here is the 2018 Flensburg budget on the Mn State Auditors website, but I sure can't find any 2018 Flensburg audit on the OSA website as LuAnn Morrow told Beth Super.  If I find it, I will publish it.
Lastly, I made a data request a few weeks ago, asking to inspect a number of items from the city of Flensburg council meetings and policies. 

 I received this response recently....
 Somebody can't last name is spelled HENSEL.  Not Henzel.
Just a few tidbits below from the League of Mn handbook on data practice requirements. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

West Side Bar burns 6-5-19 Little Falls, Mn Jeff Tschida, Deb Boelz owners

This Facebook video above was made on 6-6-19.

Little Falls, Mn legislative update 6-6-19 Ron Kresha, Paul Gazelka, Deb Boelz

The link above is for my Facebook live filming of this important event. The videocamera version will be available later today on here and on my Youtube channel Robin Hensel..

Mayor Greg Zylka informed me after the event ended, that Mark Slupe from GRTV was present at the beginning, and attempted to film, but the brand new livestream equipment (cost over 54k) had malfunctioned, so he was unable to film. Had I not been there to record, it would not have been. How come the mayor didn't Facebook live it?

I am not even elected, but show more interest in public participation and transparency than he does. For that matter, why didn't either Kresha or Gazelka do exactly what I did? Isn't that their responsibility?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Little Falls, Mn 6-3-19 work session and city council mtg. Laura Wright, Brian Hill, Joel Larson, Greg Zylka,Brad Hircock, Little Falls Golf Course
Above is Willmar City Council livestreamed public comments I referred to in my public comment last night June 3, 2019. Notice they WANT the public to view and hear public comments by livestreaming them and even publishing on the city website.

I also Facebook livestreamed wk sess (link above)for the first time last night and had 15 viewers. City only had 9 views of their livestreamed council mtg.

Watch the above livestreamed video of Little Falls Mn city council mtg 6-3-19 to hear Mayor Greg Zylka back peddle on what he said about public comments.

He was referring to this letter to editor.

This article below has both Laura Wright and Greg Zylkas ideas for the city.

Homeless shelter in Little Falls, Mn. Thank you Rose Surma for your efforts.

 Oasis works with the homeless. Rose Surma heads up Oasis. Hopefully everybody, including city council will help the community get the much needed homeless shelter. Rose will speak at the June 17, 2019 work session at 6:30pm if you want to hear her presentation or speak in favor during the 3 minute public forum comment time at the start of the work session.

It's much cheaper to fund preventative programs.  Societies costs are always greater if we don't give a handup when our sister and brothers are struggling.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Earl LeMieur Beer Belly's Bar, 6-8-19 UPDATE ELECTRONIC SIGN IS DOWN 5-31-19

Electronic sign REMOVED, picture and video 6-8-19

 Picture taken 5-30-19 electronic sign still erected......more than a month since LAST DEADLINE.  I wrote to Ben Oleson zoning administrator, asking why the city has not yet removed the illegal sign.

LIVESTREAMING work sessions and PUBLIC FORUM COMMENTS......not in Little Falls, Mn. Brainerd Dispatch 5-31-19

Littlefallsians.....will council/staff ever learn?.....Theresa Skorseth knew how close minded residents were. She is gone, but never forgotten. Greg Zylka, Brad Hircock, Jon Radermacher, Kris VonBerge, GRAA, Mark Slupe, Raquel Lundberg

The story above continues.....but now with teeth.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Paul Gazelka(and his sidekick Ron Kresha) are the problem, not the solution. Mona Marshall, Greg Smith, Lynn Woitalla, Greg Zylka, Brad Hircock, Raquel Lundberg

Both Gazelka and Kresha are small minded men.  Not unlike a lot of men in this area, including Mayor Greg Zylka, Alderman Brad Hircock and many more.

Once again, I am very proud of Willmar.  A city that has it together.

They are always on the forefront.  Doing positive things for EVERYONE in their city. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Little Falls, Mn Greg Zylka, Brad Hircock "Hello darkness, my old friend." Votes no on livestreaming work sessions 5-20-19

From today's Morrison County Record...

And lest anyone believe Willmar hasn't had speakers whose content they didn't like, better think again. I know better.

But they still include everyone and WANT THE PUBLIC TO HEAR IT.  Check it out for yourself. This is how taxpayer funded government is SUPPOSED to work. "For the people", not against. 

Makes me proud of Willmar. Very proud.