Sunday, September 16, 2018

Morrison County Record and "some" of their readers will not like my answers.

My answers will NOT be sugar coated. Some may be offended by truthful, blatant answers. Stay tuned. Almost guaranteed(based on their sordid history) the paper will "edit" my responses. You will only see my full suggestions/criticisms right here on this blog.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A whistleblower in history, Coleen Rowley and 911. + "The war on terror, a false promise for national security."

Coleen Rowley's most recent speech in the Twin Cities at the Roseville public library. (above video) watch all the way to the end.....the question  and answer is STELLAR.  Thanks to Todd Pierce(seated in the front row), for asking some really important questions. I am humbled and so honored to call them both "forever friends".....I cannot put a pdf file on here so I screenshotted all the pages of it.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Dignity Health VIOLATIONS will STAIN Catholic Health Initiatives/merger

The public has a right to know. This should sicken you. If it doesn't, your moral compass is off OR you have none.  ■■■■■■ PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ONE, SINCE CHI HAS AN OPIOID PROGRAM

How on earth COULD the Vatican agree with this merger UNLESS they are as ROTTEN as Dignity Health?

Are you getting the picture???

And Theresa and I thought Wabash National was bad. These guys lead by Lloyd Dean have the pants beat off them for violations.

Underfunding pensions ¿¿¿¿

Largest settlement of it'$ above about the raunchy work environment this woman had to endure. Docs were not so hot.

Just so you don't miss it, I posted the controlled substances act violation,  twice. Seriously 20,000 Vicodin pills missing? SERIOUSLY????,¿¿¿¿¿ how is that possible?

Is this really who you want your local doctors, nurses, and staff to merge with???

Call them up.....let them know.

And now United Healthcare is EXPANDING.

It is very appropriate that I included this radio interview.....on work, suicide, drugs, corporate America, a dish, hate and even freedom. A must listen.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

St. Gabriel's Hospital(CHI) is NOT a publicly run hospital, but a COMMERCIAL venture.

Here's the problem. The hospital is NOT A PUBLIC HOSPITAL.  It is  privately run business and vacation of the PUBLIC right of way, WAS done for a PRIVATE USE.....just as I stated. Evidently Greg Kimman doesn't get it.  He also incorrectly states that the parking lot on 3rd street (which is clearly part of this expansions) falls under different rules. No it doesn't. He us manipulating the truth. Read it for yourself below...

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

St. Gabriel's AND Little Falls POOR PLANNING. See why. 8-20-18

How is it possible this could happen? The ONLY sidewalk to enter the front side of the clinic and the hospital, from off of First Street SE( the front of both)is ONLY 33 feet ■■■ from the edge of helicopter landing pad.  WHAT ¿¿¿¿

Watch the short video to understand. Then check out the photos below. There are laws in this town for a reason. Why doesn't the city just follow all of them?

REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU VOTE THIS FALL.  Vote the bums out. Insist on firing ALL incompetent staff or contracted zoning official. Taxpayers deserve better than this.

Before the council voted last night to approve this proposed CHI hospital expansion, I urged them to consider a "continuance" for the conditional use permit, since all of the required information had not yet been included or available for the public to view. They would then have had time to notice this HUGE ERROR.

They voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass the CUP anyway, ignoring my plea.

The new city attorney Flaherty and Hood has it's first challenge.....figuring out what to do now.

Stay tuned.

I was told by the architect that the hospital intends to store the construction materials in one of their required off street parking lots. (Roping off the parking lot behind my garages and directly to the west of the clinic entrance).  But guess what.....there's an ordinance against that too. See below. Am I the only one that reads this stuff? Sure seems like it.

But since the hospital rented some parking from the Franciscan Sisters, maybe that alleviates the problem.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

St. Gabriel's Hospital proposed expansion meeting Monday Aug 13th at 4:30pm

Following this meeting is another important meeting at city hall chambers. The planning  commission begins at 6:30pm and will continue the tabled discussion of the 18,000 foot hospital expansion. Please show up.

The neighbors, including myself will soon find out if CHI is a good neighbor and lives up to their mission statement and values, (that they are supposed to abide by. )

Stay tuned. I will let you know....promise.

Does corporate money talk in this town? Or will homeowners rights/past hospital promises, prevail. Will the planning commission recommend an "unfriendly/legally questionable conditional use modification? Will council vote to protect taxpayers/homeowners  rights? We're about to find out ■■■■■

Friday, August 3, 2018

NO HOSPITAL PUBLIC HEARING Monday Aug 6th....another co$tly blunder

Bet you didn't know that another approximate 400.00 was flushed down the toilet because public works director Greg Kimman forgot to mail out mandatory notices to neighboring property owners, about the public hearing for the proposed street/public right of way vacation/ hospital expansion.

Two public notices were published in the Morrison County Record about the Monday August 6th hearing, but he forgot to mail notices to the there will be no hearing this Monday. In order to meet legal requirements, 2 more notices will have to be published AGAIN in the official city newspaper, the Morrison County Record. Each of these notices costs approximately 200.00.

What I want to know many mistakes, is too many mistakes.

I have seen far too many already. Am I the only one paying attention?

Greg is always real polite to me( a rare find in this town) but this is poor performance....and it costs all of us.

I asked if a notice would be published in the paper to let people know this public hearing will not take place. Answer was no. It should be in the paper....but then everyone who reads it would know about this mistake.

The public has a RIGHT to know. At least in my opinion.

Who from the west side will challenge HOT HEAD HANFLER?? I know...Jim Storlie..YAY

FINALLY a great guy from the west side of town(Ward 3) has signed up to run against Jeremy Hanfler.
Jeremy Hanfler should not be on the council.  Hanfler has never had a challenger. He has been the only one to sign up to run, so he was gifted the position that pays 900.00 per month.

Jim Storlie signed up to give this chump a  challenge. And I don't use that term lightly.

If this city is sued again, it will most likely be because of him.

 He is the RUDEST person ever, and not just to me but others.

He has been elected to president of council,  chairman of planning commission, and is one of 3 on the equalization board. This is pathetic. If you aren't aware of his true disposition, it is because you haven't attended meetings.

Keep letting local hot head non-thinkers win and you will get what you deserve.

It's a given.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Chalk the Walk Unconstitutional in a "Constitution Free Zone-Little Falls, Mn"

July 22, 2018.....the CIRCUS continues under the BIG TOP at city hall. Mayor Greg Zylka is leading a bunch of CLOWNS that care nothing about their oath to the Constitution.

Vote the BUMS OUT.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Charlie Peterka ■■UPDATED Charlie COMMITTED 7-17-18 ■■POLICE report 6-19-18

Lookie what I found yesterday 7-16-18 in the police reports....I wonder what this is all about....see the welfare check on 6-28-18 below.....when I find out I will let you know. See below...Charlie committed. Will he EVER learn?

 I told you I would let you know when I received the most recent police report on Charlie Peterkas residence/business address of 1006 Haven Road. Take a promised.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Susy Prospio(wife of Dr. Prosapio orthopedic surgeon) gets the last 43K of federal grant$ for historic restoration in Little Falls, Mn

It is important to remember, Susy was Mayor Greg Zylkas campaign manager. The mayor appoints all committee members to city boards, committees and task forces. Greg appointed Susy to ban ex officio(because she owns a downtown business, the Shoppes of Little Falls and a number of buildings in town, Blackdog LLC) to the Historic Preservation Committee. So together, they scratch each others backs. In other words, opportunity hoard.
 This is a response to Kris VonBerge director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. I will be posting the entire conversation soon.

Friday, July 13, 2018

St. Gabriels Hospital CHI/Dignity wants to pillage our neighborhood again. 7-9-18 public hearing comments from the neighbors, including me. Lee Boyles CEO

part one below...

part 2 below......

An expansion of 18,000 square feet addition to St. Gabriels Hospital to include a walk in clinic, similar to urgent care, a pharmacy, a mental health area, and more.7-9-18 public hearing comments from the neighbors, including me.

Below I present 2 petitions about the St. Gabriel's proposed expansion

Part one below....7-9-18 public hearing on the proposed 18,000 square foot addition to St. Gabriels Hospital, to include a walk in clinic(similar to urgent care) a pharmacy, a mental health assessment area, and more. 

part 2 below.....