Wednesday, January 16, 2019

ST. Gabriels Hospital, LFPD selective enforcement 12-7-18

Reported on 12-7-18 at   12:12 p.m.
 Took the police almost an hour to respond.
Here's the kicker.....CHI was given the right of way by the city in 2018, so the "No Parking by Police Order" signs should not have even been posted. CHI owns all if Cherry Avenue.  Taxpayer funded police were used to enforce a restricted parking zone that didn't even belong to the city. How classy is that?

Since then, the signs have been replaced with "No Parking, Tow Away Zone" ones.

My next question can our taxpayer funded police be used to guard the helipad owned by a private corporation on THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY?

Doesn't seem legit to me. I wonder how much $$$ that ends up to be each year?

It's your nickel.

City hall 320-616-5500

Little Falls, Mn. Will dollar stores be the final nail in the city's coffin?

With the new Dollar General store to be built across highway 27 from Bethel Lutheran, the only locations in Little Falls not captured yet are the south and north sides of town.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Little Falls, Mn. The Can Man exposed. Ben Oleson/Greg Kimman/city staff job failure

The city still turned a blind eye to the Can Man's illegal receptacle/signs/flags at Waters Edge Park, all the way through 2018, until I complained multiple times and made it very public on this blog.

After a larger version was finally removed, this lawbreaker was allowed to place his tiny can receptacle on CITY PARK PROPERTY in Maple Island Park. Until I complained again, blogged about it, and it was then finally removed. 


How come none of these businesses care about obeying the sign ordinance?

Earl Lemieur, Beer Belly's Bar, (previously Dam Bar) VIOLATES SIGN ORDINANCE again.

 All photos and video taken 1-14-19

Here's the rundown...
Oct. 27, 2017 Earl gets warning letter of sign overages exceeding allowable amount of 50 sq ft per side if bldg.

Dec.12, 2017 second warning letter sent. States electronic sign installed in back is NOT allowed in B-1 Central Business District(formerly Historic District before the "We Support Our Troops" banner, was discovered illegally installed, paid for and maintained by city IN VIOLATION of the sign ordinance in 2011. 

Dec. 27, 2017 third warning letter sent mentioning the illegal electronic sign and sign overages on front and back(east/west) side if building. 

A YEAR LATER , both the illegal  electronic sign was back on, and overages on the front and back, were again in place, and Earl was told he had 10 days to remove the overages or face potential administrative civil penalty. 

The video below was 26 DAYS beyond that letter, and 16 DAYS PAST THE ALLOWED TIME TO CORRECT. 

So my question to Zoning Admin Ben Oleson and Public Works Director/Engineer Greg Kimman will be, was Earl cited for his violation? 

Video 1-14-19
My letter to Ben Oleson and Greg Kimman(copied to the mayor and council today 1-15-19

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Friday, December 21, 2018

"The Big Dig" Camp Ripley recruiters digging for local poor kids souls. Kris VonBerge, evildoer.

Susy Prosapio, Kris VonBerge,  Great River Arts, Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau all doing their part to help the devil in his quest to seduce poor kids to sign up to go kill other mothers children in other nations. Just plain rotten. How many more Tony McElveens need to die because they were liked into war?

How many other mothers children in foreign lands need to die before Americans wake up?

War is not the answer.

War is a RACKET.  Tony died for a pack of lies. President Bush and his thugs lied us into war with Iraq.

Will your kid die next?


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Chrisrmas Trumpville.

St. Gabriels CHI, Little Falls Medical Center demolition 12-19-18 Tri Cap driver can't read the posted alley signs.

Little Falls, Mn councilor Raquel Lundberg, owner of Waller House B+B/president of LF Convention and Visitors Bureau conflict of interest

What could be more of a conflict of interest?  Raquel Lundberg leads the way on opportunity hoarding, right alongside Mayor Greg Zylka and his merry band of council opportunity bandits. Follow the $$$

Little Falls,Mn council Rules of Conduct are unconstitutional 12-17-18

At the most recent work session and council meeting, the president(Hot Head Jeremy Hanfler) did NOTHING about my signs.  Know why???  

Because they know darn well, their "Rules of Conduct" are BLATANTLY violate free speech......they have been legally advised to not enforce them.

Maybe they are finally waking up.  

Barret Petfoods Innovations "cherry picked" corporate welfare funded by taxpayers. 3 MILLION DOLLARS !

I am NO republiCON, but Tom Coburn is. Interesting to read how he feels about tax incentives and EDA grants. He says the same thing I do. But I agree with the writer of the article. Socialism has been given a bad rap. 

Notice in the video where Bob Reinitz makes the comment " I don't think people understand the free market".....I don't think HE does.  What council is voting to fund from behind the dais is "big government" cleverly masqueraded as "livelihood for 100 families." And we all subsidize those "chosen" 100 families. If  the Barret family can qualify for food stamps, then and only then, do they, as well as Wabash, deserve any form of social service help. 

Bob Reinitz is the EDA member who said he didn't think "some" people understood free markets. Oh yes we do Bob. 

If this community wants to fund handouts, let them all be "need based tested". Or end them.

Barret Pefoods Innovations obviously a"cherry picked" pet project of the city, Governor Dayton, and Senator Amy Klobuchar....but why? Local taxpayers who are footing the bill, should be asking why.
public hearings 12-17-18 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Little Falls, Mn....why aren't we doing this? Hey Fred and Ethel

Today I asked the city administrator, Jon Radermacher, Mayor Greg Zylka and the entire council, why we aren't doing this? After all, it's the "kind" thing to do right? Remember the "kindness" campaign? It's still advertised on Pine Country Banks' electric sign.

Time for this city to step up to the plate.

You want Little Falls to flourish? Well this is the way. Exactly why I called and organized the very first Central Minnesota Peace AND Diversity Fair at Maple Island Park on June 22, 2012.

If only the leaders would "do the right things"...... if only. ♡♡♡♡

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Martin Mccoy EXPOSED 12-13-18 BIGOT AND LIAR

Not one shred of what he says is true. I suspect he does not like the content of my speech in my latest letter to the editor about the "beloved" Christian display that has hung for the last 6 years,  in the publicly owned Carnegie Library, until recently.  I very posted the link on the McRecord article about Charlie Peterka not hosting a Christmas event this year at Charlies Pizza. 

Wait til the Record publishes my smaller version this weekend. The local religious fanatics will be livid. I will be posting all of their antics. 

So a word to the wise.....if you don't want to become famous on my blog, watch your step AND what you me or about me.  Mess with me and you may regret it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Un-American. Little Falls, Mn.VIDEO ADDED Greg Zylka and council violate the Constitution repeatedly.

Morrison County Record 12-16-18

And the official city newspaper Morrison County Wreckord thinks the Creation of Man drawing does not violate the First Amendment.

They are wrong.....again. this video is where I donated New Iraq to the city council at 7:30 minutes in. Don't miss Theresa Skorseth's comment at 2 minutes about the unconstitutional newky adopted Rules of Conduct, or Jody Scott Olson's comment on my illegal arrest AND the bogus Rules of Conduct at 11 minutes. (Directly following my public comment).

This council never learns. this video is where I turn the New Iraq drawing to the city financial director Lori Kasella, the day after the council meeting on Oct 2, 2017 when I presented it to city council.

The new rules of conduct were passed immediately following my Minnesota Supreme Court win on Sept.7, 2017. See below...

The council never learns.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sam Adams Award....the best of the whistleblowers

Watch the whole video. Pay close attention to all Larry Wilkerson has to say about how corrupted the Likud Zionist government if Israel is and the connection to our wars for empire.

Also, don't miss the part in Karen's talk during the question and answer session when she describes how Israeli generals were allowed in the Pentagon where she worked, and didn't even have to sign in.

We were misled and lied to by the highest leaders in our land. The Iraq invasion was of course illegal. Some of us were smart enough to get that, even though the most news media were spinning the truth to convince gullible Americans we were justified to attack.

The hell.

Come on folks, it's about damn time you get it. It's not that hard.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Little Falls,Mn UPDATED corrupted city. Greg Kimman, Gerald Knafla, Jon Radermacher, Ben Oleson...who allowed "can man" to violate the law?

Why doesn't the city place a plastic and aluminum recycle bin at Maple Island and every other city park, as well as in the downtown area, by every trashcan? Doesn't that make more sense? City encourages it's residents to recycle but doesn't have ANY recycling mechanism for the park visitors to recycle. City could utilize city public works crews who empty the trash cans, to take the recycle to the public works building, where the recycle contractor could pick up the recycle twice per month. Makes sense to me.

Lookie here what I just found. The Can Man's receptacles were allowed by the city, YEARS after being told he had to remove them. It's one of 2 things. Either he is being shown favoritism(it's called selective enforcement and is very illegal) or city staff are failing miserably at their jobs. Shame on city staff either way.

If the can man wants to place his receptacle on private property, there would be no issue.

If he wants his popcan bin by the dam, he should ask Mike Roach to allow his receptacle on the new Roach business building property.  Maybe he would allow it.

The can man must have connections at city hall, or else he is a criminal who thinks he can illegally place his aluminum recycle bin on city park land, or in the public right of way. 

Needless to say, I never got an answer from anyone at city hall.  The picture with the receptacle removed was taken just prior to 11am today 12-6-18. The letter I wrote to city officials was sent yesterday 12-5-18 at 10:55am. Took them one day to remove it. 

Bet you know why. 

Because it never should have been there in the first place.

Why can't/won't this city, just do "the right thing," .....ever?

I still wonder if Greg Kimman attends Zion Lutheran. I know councilor Gerald Knafla does. I also know the can man donates money to Zion from his can collection. This guy also drives his golf cart illegally all over town and the police just look the other way.  

This whole city system is corrupted. That stinks.