Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Walk for Hope and Peace 2018 Kyong Juhn and Veterans for Peace co-walkers

Today 5-15-18 at Bend in the Road regional park just south of Rice, Mn. It was a pleasure to meet Kyong and her friend.

Always fun to get together with my Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 friends. Like charging my batteries.

Peace matters.
Peace is possible.

Tomorrow they walk between Rice and Royalton.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

City of Little Falls dupes contributors. Camp Ripley recruitment/retention event.

 Pictures taken 5-9-18 Little Falls, Mn

 These type gigantic signs used to be illegal, under the revised sign ordinance, but made legal under some amendments/newest version of the CURRENT  "unConstitutional sign ordinance."  And yes it is.....UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  It will NEVER  pass muster.
 Hey I thought Live Better/Live Longer was defunct for lack of funding?  Where did they get the money to donate? Or has CHI taken them under their wing, so community opportunity hoarding favorites Kate Bjorge and Mary Kenna can continue to have better than average employment salaries?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Minnesota Senate passes the "In God We Trust" amendment.


This appears to violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.  Everyone of them that voted for this should be immediately recalled.  Betcha anything local champs(not so much) Paul Gazelka and his buddy Ron Kresha had plenty to do with this.  Wonder when the House version will raise it's ugly head? 

One more reason to throw the bums out this fall.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Brian Middendorf should NEVER BE RE-ELECTED to Morrison County Attorney. Antoinette/Toni Wetzel(city attorney) nominated for District 7 judge.


This is the guy who prosecuted me for an illegal arrest at city hall on June 7, 2013 for quietly sitting in a chair in the same spot that the former mayors(Cathy VanRisseghem) hubby, mummy in law and 4 close friends of hers sat in, just 4 days prior. He cost Minnesota taxpayers close to a million dollars in order to prosecute me.   Really stupid and costly decision on his part. Filled with bias and prejudice against me, I believe because of my peace activism and the fact I sued the city for violating my free speech. (which they did)

 How about electing someone who respects and obeys the Constitution.   A lawyer who does not display bias.

Remember I won my case against the city at the Minnesota Supreme Court level on September 7, 2017, when my case was vacated.   The public meetings portion of the disorderly conduct statute was unConstitutional, and so it was completely demolished(struck down).  My case was vacated. Kevin Riach, the  stellar attorney that represented me at all levels, won the 2017 Minnesota Attorney of the Year for defending my case.  What does that tell you?

Now the city attorney(Antoinette Toni Wetzel) who ordered my arrest, has been nominated for District 7 judge.


Dayton will get an earful from a whole lot of folks who know the truth.

 *****  How about picking a lawyer who actually OBEYS and respects the Constitution. One who supports uniform enforcement, not selective.

She does not.  She is biased and it shows at every city council meeting I attend.

More to this story soon.

"What we do for fear".... a must read below.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brainerd celebrates Earth Day.


Catholic Health Initiatives/Dignity MERGER, nuclear ESCALATION in local healthcare costs )))))))))) LIKELY

With the recent merger of struggling CHI and Dignity Healthcare, you may see your healthcare costs GO THROUGH THE ROOF.  Clients in California certainly did.  Below is the current CHI Board of Directors...one of them I believe recently lost his job because of "moral failure".....can you guess which one?  And don't you want to know what he did?   Are there others on this list, guilty of the same thing?   Betcha.

 These are just a few examples of St. Gabriels Hospital ILLEGALLY polluting the interior air of my home. The Little Falls nuisance ordinance forbids any fumes from entering any windows or interior air. I wonder why an environmental impact assessment was never done. Seems negligent to me.

 Hey Officer David Stevenson and Chief Schirmers.....I have equal rights under the law. Any part of that you don't get??
Seems like the Chief is trying his best to get the city sued.

These are just a few of the disgruntled patients/family members of people treated at St. Gabriels hospital. See below.....make you proud CHI????


Sorry if these are out of order, I had to screenshot them on my phone then transfer onto the computer then onto this blog.   I am not totally tech savvy yet.

 Struggling CHI stands to benefit from Dignity merger .....

Monopolized healthcare market reduces quality, increases costs ....even if you can only read the first paragraph below in the photo...you get the picture......your healthcare will be reduced, and increases in costs are sure to follow. This is NOT A PRETTY PICTURE.



 And just exactly what kind of NEIGHBORS will they be?   If their upcoming EXPANSION is anything like St. Gabriels Hospital expansion between 2006 and 2008, all of we neighbors will be living in a WAR ZONE.  It was a nightmare living in a construction zone and having our neighborhood raped.  Our neighborhood will sacrifice it's residential appearance, and lose the little peace and serenity, we have at present.

And CHI better honor all it's past verbal contracts.  

Drone wars, how the UAEs Chinese made drone is changing the war in Yemen


Military issues 1,000 waivers for soldiers with mood disorders. Mentally ill more easily admitted to armed forces... COMPLETELY NUTS.


Friday, April 27, 2018

St.Gabriels air ambulance continues poisoning my interior air. Violates 11.06 (L) of city code nuisance ordinance. 4-27-18


City employee Ronny Zablocki VIOLATES the law(parks illegally) Jon Radermacher, city administrator, Greg Kimman does this violate employee policy too? Betcha

4-26-18  city of Little Falls  employee,Ronny Zablocki, parked a city truck ILLEGALLY on  state highway 27, on the opposite side of the road. I am aware, some folks in this city have been ticketed for this. How does he get by with it? Favoritism? Selective ENFORCEMENT perhaps???

 Not only does this violate state driving laws but very likely city policy. Employees don't get to violate the law do they Greg Kimman(public works director) and Jon Radermacher(city administrator)? I don't think so...even the police have to obey parking laws. I think the best way to expose this type of behavior is to let the whole world see what certain taxpayer funded employees are pulling. Don't you? Besides that, a call to city hall should stifle any future infractions.

Jon Radermacher, city administrator, told me this would be handled internally. Of course, city employees are unionized.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Who is Terry Albury...if you don't know, you should. The latest whistleblower/hero. Look up Reality Winner as well.




Roger Waters, Syria, the white helmets and Saudi Arabia


Attacking Syria, thumbing their noses at the Constitution and law. Ray McGovern whistleblower and stellar citizen.



White Supremacist Extremism FBI document....8 pages you must read. Hey Fred and Ethel



The good ol white boys club seems to be really really dangerous and corrupt. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Anti-Muslim Minnesotans turn social media attention toward Anokas Senator Jim Abeler. Bluestream Prairie


Thank goodness for Sally Jo Sorenson and her stellar reporting.  Thank goodness.



The Israeli lobby.....A MUST WATCH VIDEO. I dare you.


Paul Thissen to Supreme Court....YAY....


And if you remember, David Strauss wrote the opinion in my win at the Minnesota Supreme Court level.   He has now been appointed to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.....YAY TO BOTH. 

3 more WHITE TERRORISTS.....plotting to KILL Somali Muslims...Hey Fred and Ethel, Franciscan Sister Dorothy Ann, Lynn Woitalla, Greg Smith and all other MorrisoncountyHATERS


Good ol white boys (and their families) are MUCH MORE dangerous THAN any other group. 

Ron Kresha, you will come to eat your words and regret the day you sponsored the anti-BDS UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill for the Minnesota legislature. Betcha


Ron Kresha and his cohort Paul Gazelka, are Trump-like stains on humanity and this nation.  They are 3 peas in a pod.  Shame on both of them for authoring/pushing the very unConstitutional anti-BDS bills in the House and Senate of Minnesota last year...2017.


Makes me wanna puke. 

They obsiously believe it is ok for Zionist Israel to continuously violate human rights in Palestine.  Sick and demented as one can get.

VOTE THE BUMS OUT. Morrison County can do better....can't it??????

Robo cop coming???? DRONES will soon DECIDE who to KILL. Troubling...and Camp Ripley has lethal drones. Shadow and Raven


Both the Shadow and Raven drones, that Camp Ripley trains soldiers how to operate, can be weaponized, the Shadow carrying capability of 2 bombs.  And they have had a COA waiver to fly drones off base since 2012.  Remember that Little Falls.  Never forget....you were warned.

Are these machines going to be the "robo cop of Morrison County"??????

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Charlie Peterka///Craig Brickey, "selective enforcement" and then some.

Now if this isn't the perfect example of LFPD "selective enforcement" of the law, I don't know what is.  Charlie Peterka is a public figure and then some.  So why was he charged only with disorderly conduct, offensive, abusive, noisy, obscene, disturbing the peace, but NOT CHARGED WITH MAKING A TERRORISTIC OR DEATH THREAT, like Craig Van Brickey was? 

And WHY WAS CHARLIE PETERKAS ARREST not published in the taxpayer subsidized official city/ county newpaper, the Morrison County Record?  (Like Craig Van Brickey's was)
Is Charlie Peterka friends with Chief Schirmers, Mayor Greg Zylka, Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf, and other influential Littlefallsians?  Could just be.  

I have numerous other police reports ftom 2009-2014 on Charlie Peterka, all related to his intoxication.


Is this perhaps why he has been treated differently than others for years?  




Charlie Peterka threatens to KILL a DOCTOR at St. Gabriels Hospital, while right outside the observation window ..then threatens to punch him in the face while in the SAME ROOM.

  Why is he treated differently by Little Falls police officers and the county attorneys office, than Craig Van Brickey????

I also have numerous other police reports on Craig Brickey, most are related to his intoxication and criminal actions.


This reports below,  are from the most recent incidences involving Candace and Charlie Peterka.  1006 Haven Road North is their residential and business address.

Pretty concerning. I wonder if Charlie has threatened to kill anyone else, besides the St. Gabriels doctor in 2014. Don't you. I betcha Mike Crejci wonders too.

And which local pastor married the Peterkas again. Wasn't it Assembly of God Pastor Keith Thompson? (who also told the singles engagement class in 1996, that he wouldn't marry divorced individuals). I do believe so. Wonder why he changed his mind for Charlie and Candace?