Friday, December 8, 2017

Are the lawyers for League of Minnesota cities giving advice that will lead to lawsuits, to line their own pockets?

I believe, and so do many people who have spoken with me lately, that the lawyers that advise cities/counties/townships may be giving poor advice that they know will lead to lawsuits.  This way, they line their own pockets.  Take my case for example....Paul Reuvers representing LMC for my free speech lawsuit likely pocketed over 200K, besides another 200K+ for my illegal arrest/conviction/and vacating the charge decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court Sept. 7, 2017.  That does not include Little Falls City Attorney Antoinette Wetzel's fees, Brian Middendorf's county attorney office fees, court costs, jury costs, city administrator costs and more. 

What a RACKET!!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Little Falls,Mn NEEDS my leadership. Here's one example of why.

Why didn't any of the attorneys, city administrator, mayor or council figure this out? Or is it possible they don't want to?

And from my Facebook yesterday...12-6-17

And here is what a 12th grader wrote....better than anything I have read to date, that any of the big dog, racketeering lawyers at League of Minnesota Cities have written.

I caught em with their pants down AGAIN.

Is anyone else suspicioning that city and LMC lawyers are conspiring to give bad advice, to keep the lawsuits flowing?  I am, and have for a long time now, but it is getting much more obvious lately.  
Think about it.....if they give bogus advice, there WILL be more lawsuits...and who benefits more than anyone?   The lawyers representing the cities/counties/townships....that's who.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Little Falls, Mn Cable Review Board update.....yesterday's no show. Pathetic leadership.

For those of you who may care.  Your Little Falls, Mn. Cable Review Board(part of the city charter) did not meet yesterday Oct. 30, 2017 as scheduled and listed on the city website, because the one in charge of overseeing this important committee(city administrator Jon Radermacher) didn't coordinate the meeting correctly. He didn't even have the courtesy to cancel the meeting on the public city meetings list, or inform Councilor Leif Hanson, Mark Diehl(from the highschool channel) or Thor Lindquist(the only member to show, other than Leif Hanson).  There was no quorum for the last meeting on July 7,2017, so half a years worth if meetings there has been no oversight and no quorum. The city has an obligation, under the Open Meeting Law, to alert the public for meeting changes or cancellations, and they did not.....again.   This is a pattern with these incompetent leaders.  The quarterly meeting for October was postponed from Oct. 16, 2017 to Oct. 30,2017.  Why?

So where were President Jay Spillum, Al Stencil, Norm Sandberg, Jill Moore(Great River Arts Association) and Mark Slupe yesterday?   Well, Mark was likely on his way to Bangkok, Thailand(he made it well known he was going in November), and all the others have no excuse.   Both doors were locked, and it was bitterly cold out.  Leif had to walk all the way around the front only to discover GRAA closed.  Supposedly Jon Radermacher was working on getting enough to have a quorum.   City so called leaders are completely shirking their duties with regards to this very important committee, that is supposed to be overseeing how the THOUSANDS of dollars every month, are used, and what the customers are getting for their money.  It is the most important venue for free speech in town.  And that is no small potatoes.  The only other free speech at public meetings you get is a meager 3 minutes of public forum comment time at the work sessions of the city council.

Remember, at their last meeting July 7, 2017, Jay Spillum announced that if the committee had to hear complaints, they would all resign.  He also clearly states he had no idea about a GRA TV policy and Procedure, even though that is part of his and all the other committee members duties(to oversee Local Public Television and it's policies) according to the city charter.  What a joke these people are.   I have never witnessed so much incompetence in all my life.   And Mayor Greg Zylka is guilty of Dereliction of Duty(according to the city charter) for not mandating the people responsible for negotiating the required Franchise Agreement, to accomplish that long before the past one expired on March 15, 2015.  Above is that video to refresh your memory.  

Why is this so important?  Because almost 11k per month(total for approximately 2,000 customers, is being collected from Little Falls Charter/Spectrum subscribers, I believe, ILLEGALLY.  Why is it illegal?  Because for a year and a half, the city of Little Falls, Mn has not had the required Franchise Agreement(that enables Spectrum and the city) to collect Peg and Franchise Fees on monthly bills. The previous Franchise Agreement expired 3-15-2015.

I believe every penny of the 200k or so that has been collected, needs to be returned to all of the 2,000 customers in town.  Now. 

Of course, Mayor Greg Zylka, Jon Radermacher, Leif Hanson, Jay Spillum, Norm Sandberg, Al Stencil, Thor Lindquist, Mark Slupe, Jill Moore, Scott Wonderlich(president of the GRAA) do not want you to know that you are getting ripped off.   Why? Because GRAA is using the almost 7k per month (the high school gets almost 4k per month)collected illegally to finance their arts association and it's salaries.  That's why.

Yesterday I filed an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission and I recommend you do the same.  Here are the phone numbers to lodge your complaint.

FCC   888-225-5322

FTC  877-382-4357

You can also write to Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson's office to complain.   Here is her address and phone number. 651-296-3353

Call the mayor to complain also at 320-232-9336

Call Cable Board president Jason Spillum at 320-632-8514 or 320-632-1724

Call Norm Sandberg at 320-632-9030 or 320-632-9230
Ask them why they weren't there in Monday.  Ask Norm was he didn't attend the last 2 meetings.

Call Jon Radermacher at city hall 320-616-5500

You can leave a message there for any of your elected officials, especially Leif Hanson, who is the mayoral appointee  to the Cable Review Board.

I strongly suggest all other customers of New Spectrum/Charter/Time Warner, contact all of the above to complain. The more that complain, the more likely we will recover our illegally garnered franchise and peg fees.

More updates to come.  Promise.

Illegal search/seizure/jailings WITHOUT probable cause. What the Wreckord doesn't want you to know.

Lee Schlangen's sentencing hearing has been moved to January 3, 2018 at 1pm. For all of those interested in attending. 

I posted this yesterday Monday Oct. 30,2017 on the MCRecord comment site online. I wonder if they will print it.  Betcha not.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Margurite Cofell update, alleged embezzlent of 12 MILLION from St. Francis Credit Union

Updated 10-30-17

I wonder how Margarite Cofell can afford Gray, Plant, Mooty lawyers who are very expensive to hire. You don't suppose she stashed a bunch of cash somewhere do you? 

There'$  something else I wonder and that is who hired Margarite Cofell. Was it Sister Bea Eichten, a panel of Franciscans or the board?  

Who were the board members? I believe one was Gloria Lust, who just passed away. But who were the others and can they be held legally accountable for hiring Margarite?  


And then there is this latest addition to this federal case against Margarite.....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Little Falls city council strikes food service limitations from food service in residential districts. 10-16-17

Raquel Lundberg is one big "opportunity THIEF". First she buys the Waller House B+B from Wallers who operated it illegally for years. They never ever had a permit from the city to operate an illegal motel/hotel, in a residential zone. Jerry Lochner(former public works director/city engineer/co-city administrator) and his cohort Lori Kasella, as well as other city staff/zoning administrator, city attorneys, and former councilors....all turned a blind eye.

First the off street parking requirements are stricken from the B+B ordinance that was created just for her, compliments of city taxpayers and Toni Wetzel city atty, then she has the gall to request the 8am-4pm food service limitation to be stricken so she can serve food round the clock. Talk about a conflict of interest. She gains monetarily from this suggestion of hers.

Just plain wrong.

Tis how it work$ roun hea.

Just how savvy is Raquel? What kind of a goofball buys an existing business without checking to make sure it was properly permitted before buying it? Or was she told she would get the help from the city she needed?

A few years back, former mayor Cathy VanRisseghem advertised Raquels ILLEGALLY OPERATING hotel/motel/restaurant by appointment, on the OFFICIAL city mayoral Facebook page. All done by Cathy from behind the desk of the Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau(Cathy was CEO of CVB and mayor at the same time...which probably violated the city charter.)

Too bad there are nothing but $chmuck$ running this city.

Where are the real opportunities for those who really need it?

Answer: all stolen before the public even knows the grant$ are out there.

They don't publicize helps programs because they want the $$ to line their own pockets.

Dirty rotten shame.

What this city needs are real CHANGE MAKERS who can't be bought.

And by the way, what applies to her, alsi has to apply to other residential businesses. My property is uniquely situated for a prime business. I am considering ALL my options.

Why not?

Friday, October 13, 2017

My data request not published until I insist. Incompetent/crooked city staff.

Only after sending this email to Jon Radermacher, city of Little Falls, Mn administrator, did he(or Wendy Zylka, the mayors wife who is the city clerk) publish my data request as written in the council packet for this coming Monday Oct. 16, 2017 meeting. It was supposed to appear in the last council packet 10-2-17, but didn't. I then wrote this email asking why not. Could it be that city staff did not want it in the public record, that LFPD was asked to investigate the city's criminal activity? 

Aren't Minnesota Statutes supposed to be obeyed by all.....or only "some."

City staff needs a babysitter. They are all overpaid, and under performing.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Little Falls Mn planning public hearing Councilor Raquel Lundberg owner Waller House B+B CONFLICT OF INTEREST

part 1 of 2 Little Falls Mn planning comm public hearing 10-9-17 councilor Raquel Lundberg's BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST. 

She is the owner of Waller House B+B.

City created the Bed and Breakfast ordinance specifically for her, as she and the Wallers(the previous owners) never had any kind of a permit in this city to operate Waller House in a residential neighborhood, from it's beginning.  The city officials turned a blind eye, because they liked the business.   So it was an illegal motel/hotel/restaurant operating in a non business district.   Shame on the city, then and now.

She stands to gain plenty financially from this latest trick, with help of course from the gallery of clowns that run this city.  Opportunity thieving at it's WORST.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Poll McWRECKORD...most people(59%) have conscience and common sense

I had to remind Terry Lehrke they didn't publish the results from the poll about my Mn Supreme Court decision. I bet you can guess why it wasn't published without a polite reminder.

Little Falls, Mn. "opportunity hoarders" latest SCHEME to steal all the grant money. Pathetic.

And in this group, you will surely find, David Meyer, son in law of former Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem, Susy Prosapio, Bob Reinitz, Ron Bieganek, Lois Bieganek, Mark Gerbi, Carol Anderson,Greg Zylka, Iniative Foundation board members and representatives and numerous others.  To find out just who these bloodsuckers are, attend the meeting.  Bring your popcorn.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sign ordinance does NOT regulate INTERIOR signs, even in public buildings.

 Read for yourself......5.30 sign ordinance(law) is clear. The only reference to public buildings says "signs AFFIXED" on city owned property, no reference to signs brought in or held or worn by the public INSIDE any buildings(including city hall)

So if the city enforces their new unconstitutional Rules of Conduct, they will be violating their OWN LAW(5.30 the sign ordinance) ■■■■●●●●••••

.....interior signs in ANY building are EXEMPT. That means the city CANNOT regulate interior signs, anywhere in the city of Little Falls, Mn.  City attorney Toni Wetzel is once again giving council and the public FALSE information and bad advice that'$ going to cause legal problems in the future..... that will cost YOU money.