Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Polly Mann(founder of WAMM) Coleen Rowley and Dave Lodgsdon VFP speak at Camp Ripley 9-17-17

Polly Mann, 96 year young co-founder of 35 year old Women Against Military Madness, Mpls, Mn.9-17-17 at Camp Ripley "No Warrior Cops" and No More Wars/Drone Assassinations protest

 Coleen Rowley, retired FBI agent of 20 years and 2002 Times Magazine "Person of the Year" whistleblower/activist 9-17-17 at Camp Ripley "No Warrior Cops" and No More Wars/Drone Assassinations protest
Dave Lodgsdon from Veterans for Peace, at Camp Ripley "No Warrior Cops" and No More Wars/Drone Assassonations protest 9-17-17

Blow your shorts off speech. Little Falls City Council work session 9-18-17

Theresa Skorseth (above) 9-18-17, exposes Little Falls local public access GRA TV very flawed Policies and Procedures, and city Cable Review Board shirking their duties as members of an official city committee. Their duties are part of the city charter.

Jodi Scott-Olson(above) 9-18-17 blasts the city council for illegally arresting which has cost taxpayers plenty, because of their costly mistakes.
I finish Jodi's powerful comment, as she ran out of time. 9-18-17. I add a few as well.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Here's all the proof you need that Aaron and Becky Olson were given an illegal permit to install their illegal 6 foot frontyard fence. Now why would THEY be given an EXCEPTION to the zoning law?  Because city administrator Jon Radermacher is the Kiwanis president and Aaron Olson is a member. Pretty ckear that opportunity hoarding/backscratching is alive and well at city hall. For more information on this put Aaron and Becky Olson in the search button on this blog and it will pull up my other posts about this lawbreaking. 

An "after the fact" permit is given AFTER something was installed in violation of the law. 

City of Little Falls even changed the fence law to allow 6 foot high fences all over town now. Won't that BEAUTIFY the city? 

Thanks Olsons and city. Garbage cans on city streets everywhere 5 days a week, and 6 foot high frontyard fences.....what a combo. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Little Falls,Mn enacts policies, then makes EXCEPTIONS.

I asked for the use of city hall, several years ago ....that is why this policy was created/enacted. Why weren't they smart enough to create a clause that allowed another governmental agency, different rules that would accommodate future needs?   We have poor legal advisors, poor administrators and even dumber council presidents/mayors/councilors. That's why.  Pathetic. And these are some of the highest paid people in the city, on your dime(all taxpayer funded).  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Camp Ripley has their hand out again. I wonder how the MN legislature will "skirt the law", create a "workaround" to peddle taxpayer money to a private non-profit? Ron Kresha and Paul Gazelka will find a way, I am confident.

All that needs to happen is for our "less than forthright" legislators Paul Gazelka and Ron Kresha get to work and find a way to "bend" the Mn bonding law.

"Can you dodge bullets? You better get ready cuz I'm gonna fucking kill you. If I ever get the chance, you're dead. I'm gonna murder you." Craig Van Brickey sentencing. 8-9-17

The terroristic threat in the title of this blog, is the exact quote that Craig Van Brickey made to former Little Falls Police Officer Jeremy Doroff.

Craig has to show up for check in at the Morrison County Jail on Sunday August 20, 2017 by 7pm AND HE DID!! Penalty gets a whole lot stiffer if this first time felon screws up again.

  On August 9, 2017 Craig Van Brickey was sentenced in Morrison County Court. I was there, because his crime against me was still attached to the sentencing(he had a probation violation after he was sentenced for the crime against me.)

 No wonder former Little Falls Police Officer Jeremy Doroff moved his family to Denver, Colorado and now works for the Denver Police Department.  Who would blame him.   The day Craig was arrested for making the terrorist threat, the jailer was pretty sure they also heard him threaten to harm Jeremy Doroff's family.

Let's hope this sentencing causes him to straighten up, before he becomes more of a menace to society and to his son and family.  What a stain on Morrison County.  This is the squad car video the night of Dec. 15-2015 after Craig Van Brickey knocked down my "Who would Jesus bomb" sign at my legal seasonal display at Veterans Memorial Park in Little Falls, Mn.  Listen as he incites Officer Jeremy Doroff.  What a white supremacist. Pathetic maggot in human skin.

Mark Slupe "Fuck Yea" Great River Arts Association's finest. Jill Moore, Scott Wonderlich, Jay Spillum, Ron Bieganek, Leif Hanson, Thor Lindquist, Al Stencil, Norman Sandberg, Greg Zylka, Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, Susy Prosapio, Kris VonBerge, Deb Boelz, Jon Radermacher, City of Little Falls, Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, Wetzel Law, Brian Middendorf, Greg Schirmers, LFPD, Little Falls Police Department, MCSO, Kate Bjorge, Nate Bjorge, Faith Lutheran, Lindbergh Lions, Frank Gosiak, Jeremy Hanfler, Cathy VanRisseghem, Wayne Liljegren, Camp Ripley, Col. St. Sauver, Jerry Knafla, Brad Hircock

Mark Slupe, you are NOTHING like Chris Weis(former GRA TV manager). He had moral character AND a strong conscience. He obeyed the Constitution. He was fair. He was a great person.  

No wonder you don't like Theresa Skorseth and my speech. 

I suggest you study the First Amendment.

For those who have not watched this video Mark adores, you might want to take a peek.   Just click this link to watch this pathetic video.

Nah....a Constitutional scholar can be right, can they Mark?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Atlanta gym bans POLICE OFFICERS/MEMBERS OF MILITARY from joining.

A Muslim is not my brother, Natalie Ringsmuth, Unitecloud Minnesota HEY FRED AND ETHEL (Fred/Kathy/Kate Festler) + Franciscan Sister Dorothy Ann

These 2 speakers join the ranks of John Guandalo ilk types.   Not saying that they have done similar things, but their speech is quite like former disgraced FBI agent John Guandalo who was recently charged with a crime against Sheriff Rich Stanek.  One of the differences is that Shahram Hadian and Dr. Alyas Masih(who works at the VA in St. Cloud) put a religious spin to their divisive/narrow speech, designed to rile up the zealots of the right wing radical folks such as Nancy Judd from Browerville and the Central Minnesota Teaparty, as well as Chad Olson(Fort Ripley, Mn) and president of the Central Minnesota Teaparty PATRIOTS.

Does this type of speech lead to the crime that Matthew Gust admitted to.....firebombing the Juba Cafe?  Maybe, or highly likely?

Hey Fred and Ethel(Fred/Kate/Kathy Festler) and Franciscan Sister Dorothy Ann...remember John Guandalo?

Remember this guy, who you likely heard speak at the Little Falls Senior Center awhile back?

Says there is video of this assault......hope so. What a schmuck. Now defrocked by the Sheriffs Association and the sheriff who stamped his approval.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Shahram Hadian and Dr. Alyas Masih, does this type of event create discourse or harmony among humans?

Shahram Hadian and Bill French to appear on Minnesotas anti-Muslim speaking circuit in August, September 2017

Media silent former analyst Ray McGovern DESTROYS Russia HACKED US elections. He and VIPS would know.

Seth Meyers on Trump/religion in the US

Mike Madden...does this look like a crime to you. I think not. Similar to my Mn Supreme Court case. I did nothing wrong either.

Police brutality in the US....Israeli training of our cops may be least in part. Deadly Exchange

As a former law enforcement spouse of almost 20 years, I strongly agree that this DEADLY EXCHANGE must end.   Why on earth would anyone be okay with our cops being trained by the Israeli military?  Our police are being taught on techniques used to brutalize the Palestinians.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Military toxins in Palestinian pregnant women and MUCH MORE you may not know.

Shahram Hadian Friday August 11, 2017 Little Falls, Mn VFW Trojan horse of interfaith dialogue????

And as it turns out I was right, Dr. Alyas Masih IS kissin cousins to Usama Dakdok.  Listen carefully

listen to this if you want to hear Dr. Alyas Masih speak, as well as Farooq Kaase Andzenge, at St. Cloud State University.....below

I was correct,  that Ambrose is the son of Alyas Masih, a medical doctor who is going to speak at the Trojan Horse event at Granite City Baptist Church on September 14, 2017.  His own recording of the event is below(the youtube link below)...and his brother could use some videorecording lessons. 

And this type of CRIMINAL TERRORISTIC ACT(below) is likely a direct result of this type of speakers. One of these type of events is a great place to learn to hate your neighbors that happen to be Muslim.....I strongly oppose and will continue to speak out, attend, film and blog as many of these YUK FESTS  as I possibly can.   Expect tough  questions from some of the attendees.

And was the perpetrator a kissin cousin to Matthew Gust, who admitted firebombing  a Somali restaurant ????

None other than the Central Minnesota Teaparty and the Central Minnesota Teaparty Patriots are helping drum up all this fearmongering CRAP about Islam and Muslims. And yes's all pure crap.  These people are afraid of the boogeyman evidently.


Bloomington Minnesota mosque firebombed with explosive device. Bomber kissin cousins to Matthew Gust?

Will the investigation show, the bomber of the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center to be the same type of lowlife as Matthew Gust?  I betcha.

Camp Ripley trains WARRIOR COPS and FUTURE WAR CRIMINALS. filmed 2-26-17 GRA TV Little Falls, Mn.

Part 1 of 2(above) Camp Ripley trains WARRIOR COPS AND FUTURE WAR CRIMINALS.

Part 2 of 2 (above) Camp Ripley trains WARRIOR COPS AND FUTURE WAR CRIMINALS.

MORE CITY OF LITTLE FALLS corruption....plain and simple. Jon Radermacher, Leif Hanson, Jay Spillum, Jill Moore, Mark Slupe, Scott Wonderlich.

part 1 of 2 above....what Mark Slupe REALLY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.   Neither does Jay Spillum, president of the City of  Little Falls Cable Review Board, or Jon Radermacher(city administrator Little Falls Mn.) or Leif Hanson(councilor Ward 1 and official board member(required) of the Cable Review Board, or Jill Moore(general manager of Great River Arts Association and Mark Slupe"s boss), or Scott Wonderlich (president of the Great River Arts Association and likely responsible for having written the GRA TV policies and procedures.)

Part 2 of 2(above) What Mark Slupe and the city of  Little Falls and all the above mentioned do NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the complete failure to adhere to the policies and procedures of GRA TV and the failure of the City of Little Falls Cable Review Board's responsibilities to supervise GRA TV and THEIR POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.

City of Little Falls Cable Review Board quarterly meeting on July 17, 2017.  PATHETIC and ONCE AGAIN A CITY BOARD IS OPERATING ILLEGALLY(Not doing what they are required to do)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A hard look at where we are after the 2016 election

Close all US military bases on foreign soil.

Democrats led by Bernie Sanders are ?????

Don't let these democrats fool you. A MUST READ.

What is Rick Nolan thinking anyway?


Rick Nolan claims to be fighting for the Great Lakes at the same time he is pushing for a mining operation that will surely pollute them(especially Lake Superior)....this is madness.  Pure and simple.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WAR OR PEACE.....will the planet be saved? Bruce Gagnon speaks at Peacestock 2017

Camp Ripley investigates after private property owner finds training round....Brainerd Dispatch

I wonder if the official city/county newspaper for Little Falls, Mn and Morrison County (the Morrison County Record) will report or follow up on this investigation?

You may want to read this article too.....Camp Ripley trains on not one but 2 drones that are used in illegal assassinations....the Shadow drone can carry 2 lethal bombs, and the Raven can be used as a kamikaze style killer.  Plus the Shadow drones are used in gathering intelligence that assists location of the intended target of the larger drones(Reaper and Predator), that are regularly used in illegal drone assassinations.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Attention Little Falls city council/mayors, past and present

Greg Zylka, Jeremy Hanfler, Frank Gosiak, Cathy VanRisseghem, Donald Klinker, Loren Boyum....he is referring to you. You should hang your heads in shame. Course, that only applies to those who have a conscience.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Little Falls Cable Review Board ■■ UPDATED ■■regular quarterly meeting 7-17-17

This is what I emailed to Jon Radermacher and others today...see below 

The newest communication about this subject that is becoming more sickening by the minute, will be posted at the top of the page for easy update reference. This is the latest communication I got from Mark Slupe(GRA-TV station mgr) today 7-20-17

The above letter is in response to the email I sent on Monday 7-17-17, the day the Cable Board mtg was held on. (See below)

This email below was sent to Mark on June 3rd, 2017

The following correspondences may be out of order, but at least you get to see the communication between Mark Slupe and myself.

This is a picture(above) taken off my tv, showing Mark was illegally airing this business advertisement.(as per GRA TV policies and procedures)

 These character generator announcements prove that Mark gave these shows 3 airings per week.....but our new shows "Billionaires" and "Church and State" never got an announcement like this, that I requested in December 2016, and our shows were only aired once per week. So Mark is controlling free speech, by limiting some and giving more to others. Everything that comes out of anybodys mouth is free speech....but Mark does not understand that. In fact, dance, signs, and many other things are free speech.  One of his job requirements is understanding all the laws that pertain to public access tv.
 Why is Mark airing school board meetings on the public access channel when they have their own educational channel?  Poor judgement or is he too lazy to recruit more individuals to produce new shows?

Other than our productions, Mark is airing almost ALL old shows produced and filmed by past managers. Why? 

Because he spends MOST of his worktime filming, editing and other jobs for Great River Arts Association. That's why.

Here is another big issue.....Atomic Learning produces videos in the public access studio, but GRA TV policies and procedures, ban using the stdio for profit making. Atomic Learning PAYS to use the public access studio and the money is paid to Great River Arts Association.

Theresa Skorseth and I requested in writing on March 4, 2017 a hearing for our grievances between the 2 of us and Mark Slupe GRA TV station manager, as per the GRA TV policies and procedures policy adopted November 12, 2014 (as seen in the photos below).

We were then told that we would be able to address the Cable Review Board at their next meeting April 17, 2017(instead of giving us a hearing within 10 days of the disputes. City administrator Jon Radermacher should have scheduled a hearing for us with the Cable Review Board 10 days from March 4, 2016 when I emailed him and copied GRA TV staff/general manager Jill Moore and station manager Mark Slupe, as well as our Ward 1 representative Leif Hanson, who is on the Cable Review Board(as mandated by the city charter). It is clearly one of Jon Radermachers duties to supervise the city boards. I had a family emergency so I could not attend that meeting on April 17,2017, so I emailed Jon Radermacher and all others again, requesting another date for our hearing.

Jon Radermacher emailed me back and said we could address the board at the July 17, 2017 meeting, but when we attended that meeting yesterday, we were not even listed on the agenda.  Conveniently Leif Hanson, Al Sandquist, and former LFPD officer Thor Lindquist, did not show, so there was no quorum.  Ironically, someone had added a "public comment" category to the meeting agenda, and Jay Spillum(Cable Review Board president) told us, it was during this time, that we could talk, but were limited to 5 minutes.

Hear what Theresa and I had to say at       16:50 minutes into the video.

In the early part of the video, you can see Jay Spillum pointing to Jon Radermacher and saying that Jon had emailed all of the board members about the meeting held 7-17-17.  The date for the next meeting is always listed on the agenda of the all of the members were aware at their April 17, 2017 meeting that the next scheduled meeting would be in July.

It was stunning to discover that president Jay Spillum, had no knowledge of the GRA TV policies and procedures, that this board is to oversee, according to the city website and the city charter. (see pictures below).  He states during the meeting that he has never heard of them(or something to that effect).  Listen to his comments about our hearing of disputes with GRA TV staff.  Shocking. He suggests the entire Cable Review Board may resign because they don't want to be bothered with their required duties.(meeting for Cable Review Board hearings when users of GRA TV have disputes with GRA TV staff.)

Both of these films and 2 others were produced in GRA TV sudio, produced by Mark Slupe illegally(for profit making....these are commercial advertisements for private business vendors in Susy Prosapios downtown business. What a sham. Corrupt as all get out. Reason for termination.