Monday, June 19, 2017

Little Falls Mn council wk sess 6-5-17 CONFLICT OF INTEREST for COUNCILOR RAQUEL LUNDBERG/owner of Waller House B+B)

Little Falls city council work session 6-5-17. Listen at 2.40 minutes into video, for Mike Roach's proposal to build a 40ft high 3 story apt. building by the dam and buy part of Veterans Park, from the city and  part of the vacated lot that is between the southern half of Veterans Park(south side of highway 27) in order to build it.  Listen to the embarrassing conversation and laughter at the end of Mike's request where Council President Jeremy Hanfler suggests the city has more parks to sell if he wants to buy some more land. I oppose this.  City bends over backwards to change or subvert the zoning ordinances to please him and accommodate whatever he proposes.(at least since 2011)

Councilor Raquel Lundberg/owner of the only Bed+Breakfast and food service in a residential zone at present) makes her suggestions to change the zoning ordinance to benefit her business...a definite conflict of interest.
She is the only one at present who stand to benefit financially from this law change. Her suggestions bend her conditional use permit to operate as well. Listen beginning at 16 minutes in. What is important to remember is that a few years back when Dan Vogt was the city administrator(and former full time administrator for Brainerd who had a conflict of interest/ethics policy passed while he was their administrator), I asked this city council to pass an ethics/conflict of interest policy, which is recommended by the League of Minnesota Cities....they did not, of course.  If ever there was a clear conflict of interest, it is Raquel Lundberg's suggestion to change parking laws in residential areas, to benefit HER business.

Listen at 14.20 to Greg Kimman's suggestions on zoning law changes and when they will introduced on July 3,2017 and be voted on at the July 17, 2017 council meeting. There are all kinds of problems with the proposed zoning changes. I have emailed all of the councilors, the mayor and the city administrator Jon Radermacher, as well as Ben Oleson and Greg Kimman with my concerns about deleting the parking lot screening between a business and a residence, as well as the addition of allowing helipad use language into the ordinance.   This will be problematic going forward, I can assure you.

The garbage contract discussion begins at 29 minutes in the video until all the way to the end.

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