Monday, June 19, 2017

Councilor Raquel Lundberg(Waller House B+B owner) CONFLICT OF INTEREST 6-5-17

Notice there is NO MENTION OF councilor Raquel Lundbergs request to change the parking ordinance in residential districts......this is because they don't want the public to know this conversation ever took place.  The city staff responsible for writing the minutes is Wendy Zylka, the wife or Mayor Greg Zylka.  I have sent an email letting Jon Radermacher,
city administrator know that these minutes are incomplete and therefore inaccurate.  The council is forbidden from passing inaccurate meeting minutes.

Here is the audio/video of Raquels request. (listen at 16 minutes into the video)  A definite conflict of interest. She owns the Waller House Bed and Breakfast which offers a tea service by request...the only one in town. So she is the only one who stand to gain financial benefit from this suggested law change.  Her suggestion conflicts and nullifies a large part of her conditional use permit to operate in a residential zone. Important to remember, Wallers who first operated this business, were in violation of the law.  City code forbid motels/hotels/restaurants in residentially zoned districts. Then Raquel bought the business from Wallers and operated the business in violation of the law for years, until the Bed and Breakfast ordinance was created specifically for her.  Then she applied for and got a conditional use permit to operate her B and B, that included language to operate her tea service by appt. That conditional use permit, required her to have off street parking for all 5 bedrooms she rents out, and ALL of her customers for tea service. She immediately violated her conditional use permit and was sent a letter by the city for her not to hold food events after 4pm as her conditional use required.  Later the city planning commission made recommendations to allow her to utilize "dual use parking" for these customers, instead of requiring her to fulfill the  off street parking requirements for her business. This latest request(by her) is a conflict of interest.

What council needs to remember is that the law changes will apply to any other business in a residential zone as well.  Including my home, should I ever want to operate a gift shop, restaurant, bed and breakfast or any other business.  If Raquel is not required to have off street parking requirements, neither will anyone else.  

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