Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Little Falls city council allows Garden Brother Circus allowed to perform at the last minute. Not acceptable.


Below is the Little Falls city ordinance that conflicts with Minnesota state statute....so in other words it is ILLEGAL.   Just another example of poorly written ordinances by past city attorneys/okayed  by past city administrators and enacted by past city councils.  There are very FEW city ordinances that have NOT been revised in the last six years. People should be asking if this city can do anything right the first time. Sure doesn't seem like it to me.

This show license will be changed  sometime in the future. Stay tuned. I will post updated language/ordinance here when it is done.

Notice the word "EXCEPTION" in this ordinance. It is ALWAYS those EXCEPTIONS that violate the U.S.CONSTITUTION(and in this case the Minnesota Constitution/state law as well).  It is these EXCEPTIONS that CAUSE LAWSUITS.

So right now, as long as this UNCONSTITUTIONAL ordinance is in effect, if any individual applied for a "show license" and was DENIED....they could SUE THE CITY OF LITTLE FALLS, MN and win, because the city CANNOT LEGALLY GIVE EXCEPTIONS UNDER THEIR LAWS TO "SOME" and not "ALL"

Listen to the comments/discussion of the city attorney Toni Wetzel, Mayor Greg Zylka and councilors about the circus permit. This is the special council meeting 1pm on 6-5-17 specifically to authorize a permit for Garden Brothers Circus AFTER they were allowed to setup at the Little Falls Hockey Exchange Arena WITHOUT the necessary permits.

Call city hall to voice your concerns. 320-616-5500......it costs everyone TAX DOLLARS to fight lawsuits. How much more are you willing to let these incompetent clowns spend?

More Little Falls city council incompetence....plain vanilla simple. Shame on all of them, for being unaware of state law to do with circus permits....especially those involving dangerous wild animals.  What a bunch of clowns.

 The public had no way to know this permit was not granted until the last minute, because the application for the circus permit was not in the council packet that was on the city website....hence, the public could not  make comment about this. There was a public comment time at the work session on 6-12-17 but the notice for this special council meeting was not published until AFTER the council packet 6-12-17 was published.

The Garden Brothers circus has a d minus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

They have a sordid history of animal cruelty, abuse, neglect, poor customer service and more. Much more. Read the following articles and watch the movie to see how.



A must watch video....too bad our council and city attorney may not have watched this....



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