Thursday, July 6, 2017

St.Gabriels hospital air ambulance helicopter poisons my property/home every time they land 7-4-17

Twice in 24 hours. Helo landed during that night at 12:22am 7-5-17...woke me up the toxic fumes were so bad in my home. Had 2 window fans running in my bedroom and hallway to cool down my house. Entire house was permeated with kerosene poison after they landed.

There are local, state and federal laws that prohibit this. I filed an official complaint recently requesting city of Little Falls enforce it's nuisance law. The law could not be more crystal clear. ///NO NOISE, ODIRS, VIBRATION, SMOKE, AIR POLLUTION, LIQUID SOLID WASTES, HEAT, GLARE, DUST OR OTHER SUCH ADVERSE INFLUENCES SHALL BE PERMITTED IN "any district" that will in ANY WAY, HAVE AN "objectionable" effect upon "adjacent or nearby property" or VIOLATE ANY STATE STATUTE. ///

 If city leaders are unwilling to enforce the law, a lawsuit will likely be filed in the future, against the city and the hospital.


Not likely anybody else would tolerate this poison in THEIR home.

How do you think the hospital would react if patients or their staff were having to inhale these poisons?


  1. So just out of curiosity- why are you posting this now? You have lived next to the hospital for years - which is your choice by the way- and your just now addressing the fumes and poisoning? Your yard looks pretty good for being poisoned and you seem to be in well enough health- though god forbid should you ever find yourself feeling ill you do have a most convenient location to the hospital where I'm sure they will do their best for you. The really sad thing here is that there are a lot of people in this town who think YOU are the poisonous one.. Why are you like this- what did the hospital do to you for you to be so outlandishly obsessive over things? You sit and complain about a helicopter that is rescuing someone- trying to save their life- there could be a 7 year old little girl in that bird and your gripping about the wind and the fumes when you should be praying for the injured.. how very selfish of you.. For years you've gone on and on about things yet you refuse to move.. If your not happy about your situation then its up to you to fix it-or stfu about things and try to live your life in more peace. May God have mercy on you for your evil, vindictive, and self serving thoughts.

    1. usually I don't publish comments made by a poster using a false name, but in this case I am publishing this so the entire readership can see what hateful comments I get from time to time. Odd that this individual uses LFCC as their sign in name. Could that be short for "Little Falls City Council" or is this person just wanting the readers to think that it maybe them? Whoever this person is, they have no guts whatsoever, using something other than their real name, to comment. And just for those of you who may not know the initials they used..."STFU" is short for "shut the fuck up". Nice and classy to boot. And by the way, this is not the first time I have complained about the toxic helicopter fumes that permeate my entire home every time a helicopter lands and takes off. Far from it.

    2. Oh and one other thing. I just looked at the profile for LFCC and it says it was created in July 2017. Coward.

    3. LFCC does not understand what ordered liberty or a society of laws, not men, even means. For God's sake, LFCC, go back to fifth grade and take fifth grade civics.

      Do you really not understand what the city code says? I'm damned if I see any exceptions in there for hospitals.

      One of the bedrock principles of ordered liberty is that the many can only very rarely inflict costs on the few for the benefit of all. If the hospital is a vital community service...and it is...then perhaps the city should pay to air condition/protect against noxious fumes all the homes living within the affected radius. If not, then you and your uneducated ilk are getting a free ride: All the benefits of the hospital without paying the costs. I call this 'collectivism' - you might call it socialism - no matter, its the idea you get to steal from others to pay for your welfare. In this case you aren't stealing money are stealing the value of a property for your own benefit.

      I'm perfectly well aware that Robin believes in collectivism - far better aware than you are - but the idea of a society of laws, not men, is that law applies even handedly to all.

      After hours of taking the depositions of your city council, I left shaken and astonished at the total lack of concern for or even awareness of the meaning of our Constitution by most members of the then-city council.

      Your attitude is of a piece with theirs.

      Whether Robin 'chose' to live there is irrelevant; she chose to live there assuming the laws applied to the hospital as well as to her. Which you obviously think they do not.

      Larry Frost
      Attorney at Law

  2. Lol the fact that that is all you have to say about it speaks for its self. I'm no coward and im certainly not a counsel member or in any way associated with them. Im just a middle class- red neck- huntin chick who wonders why you act the way you do and who did you so wrong to behave the way you do. I'll honestly admit that I act childish at times- but I'm in my 20s lol what's your excuse?

  3. I would like to take a moment and appoligize to the actual Little Falls City Council members- the fact that she insinuates one of you would write such an unprofessional letter shows her character. I did not pretend classiness or much profesional- I am sorry for any negative fall out from her insinuations-
    LFCC ( little falls concerned citizen )

    @robin: your opinion of me means little, calling me a coward just shows further your childish behaviors. Like all things on this planet though; your time will end, your ranting and raving will be but a momwent of time quickly passed over and everyone will move on forgetting you like so many others. One would think you would want to leave a positive image of yourself behind each his or her own- live your life in constant fighting and negativity and your life will be an uphill battle of struggles and suffering. Good luck with that, and i hope your negativeness against the council members simmers down and you start doing more positive things with your time :)

    LFCC---> Little Falls Concerned Citizen (real meaning)

    Ps: I appreciate you standing up for my freedom of speech :)

    1. What's the matter LFCC, cat got your tongue since Larry Frost put you in your proper place?

  4. LFCC could also stand for Little Falls Chamber of Commerce. I betcha the writer wouldn't want poisonous fumes in THEIR home or business. Does the writer support a lawbreaker? Clearly the hospital is in violation of city code(law).