Thursday, July 6, 2017

Polymet land grab, Cong Rick Nolan wrote the bill, call now to stop bill

Over the 4th of July weekend Congressman Rick Nolan introduced HR 3115 to force Superior National Forest to landswap 6,650 northern Minnesota premier acres, so Polymet can create a  copper sulfide open pit mine on that land. This landgrab allows Polymet to receive the Superior National Forest land for only $550.00 per acre. The forest service appraiser was told to ignore the fact that Polymet would use the valuable land for open pit copper sulfide mining. Other mining companies have recently paid significantly higher prices to private land owners in northern Minnesota for similiar property that they want to use for mining. Thousands of these acres are IRREPLACABLE wetlands. Copper sulfide mines leach toxins into groundwaters, lakes, and  streams for centuries to come....all at taxpayer expense for the cleanup. There has NEVER been any mine, on planet earth, left the way it was before the land was raped by the mining companies. Public alway$ has to pay. Many become polluted Superfund sites.


Call these legislators today to ask them to vote NO on HR 3115.

Senator Amy Klobuchar 202-224-3244
Senator Al Franken 202-224-5641
Representative Tim Walz 202-225-2472
Representative Betty McCullom 202-225-6631

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