Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Camp Ripley Economic/Environmental Impact 4-17-17 Col. St. Sauver, Little Falls city council mtg.

Mark your calendars....Sunday September 17, 2017 ANTI-WAR PROTEST, Camp Ripley Main Gate....time to be disclosed but plan on probably 10am-3pm. This is the "Community Appreciation Day, a bi-annual event Col. St. Sauver has the gall to give his presentation at the same time, Camp Ripley is out of compliance with local law. He is retiring this year.....think that's coincidental or perhaps has something to do with this lawsuit?  Morrison County had to sue Camp Ripley April 2016 for their refusal to get the REQUIRED CONDITIONAL USE PERMITS to operate their Type ll Demolition Dump(spreading of PETROLEUM CONTAMINATED soils).  Their non compliance is a real "POWER GRAB."

Notice also he discusses Shadow drones flying on the newly expanded bombing range and OFF CAMP RIPLEY BORDERS. Notice also he says they are training HOMELAND SECURITY personnel and many law enforcement personnel.  This is where our police become "WARRIORIZED."  This facility is the largest in the Midwest.

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